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Elle is a Textile Artist based in the Midlands UK, born in Canada.

Originally gaining her degree in Three dimensional Design & Silversmithing at Loughborough University, she has since been drawn to larger scale wall art using natural fibres, to adorn private residences and businesses all over the world.​


She is especially influenced by rugged coastal landscapes and luscious overgrown woodlands. Which are often explored as a family of 3 in the North Cornish/Devon coastline, or the mountainous National Parks and waterfalls in the North of the UK.​


Drawing inspiration from these sources, Elle creates contemporary pieces that embrace the beauty of irregular patterns found in nature: either literally in her plant/seascape themed works, or in the composition of an abstract piece.


​“I want people to look at my work and imagine their favourite place in nature, where they feel calm, completely at peace and the anxieties of everyday life can simply fade away.”​


Elle mostly uses the technique of traditional weaving on a pin loom. But also constructing all the wood frames herself to achieve full flexibility and precision in her designs and bespoke pieces. Enabling each work of art to be a true one of a kind, much like nature’s offerings. ​